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But I’m a Nice Guy……. →  April 3, 2011

What is the nice guy and where did he come from?  Was he born or shaped?  Natural or contrived?  And why does he seem to get screwed over so much? Before I start, let me say that this applies to the “Good Girl” too.   What is a “Good Guy”? A good guy is somebody […]

Perspective →  March 19, 2011

  How do you see things?   So I’m sitting on the couch getting upset because of the actions of somebody.  And if you know me then you know that I rarely get upset but when I do get upset, a nuclear explosion is eminent!  I was about to open my mouth and erupt when that other […]

OCBENJI.com Word of the Day 01/27/2011: Splash →  January 27, 2011

You Deserve →  December 29, 2010

eye contact smiles in the morning food made with pure intention clean drinking water, fresh air Hello, Please, Thank you. time to think about it a chance to show them what you’re made of a second chance an education health care, including dental multiple orgasms weekends and the summer off 8 hours of sleep play […]

Shadow of a Ghost →  December 14, 2010

Things have changed alot since I saw you last I have a new lady, a baby, damn alot of time has past Well actually only a year and some change But in that time I’ve made a big change I’ve seen things that I thought could only be imagined Felt things that I thought could […]

Outstanding Conversations: Barb Breaks it Down →  September 19, 2010

The first of many……… Outstanding Conversations:  Barb Breaks it Down

Enough →  September 16, 2010

Her:  “I love you” Me:   “How much?” Her:  “Enough” That’s the tail end of a conversation that a had with someone a long time ago.  I didn’t understand it at the time but she was 100% right/truthful/correct in her answer to me.  At the time I was a bit disappointed with her answer.  I wanted […]

The First Step →  August 21, 2010

The First Step I’ve run it through my mind a million different times Rearranged the words into a million different rhymes It still sounds good and makes sense so why not act? The theory has been proven so why not take it as fact? Is it doubt that stays my feet preventing my step? Or […]

Hallelujah →  August 13, 2010

Courtesy of Jeff Buckley

The Stranger →  August 12, 2010

The Stanger Our eyes caught each other while I write things down I looked for an expression, a smile, surprise or frown Even Though I fight it I’m forced to stare again I really didn’t want to, it wasn’t part of my plan Again I end up staring, continuing the search for my prize What […]