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Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned →  May 2, 2011

  The events of last two years have transformed me.  The fact that I can admit this is HUGE!!! (yea with 3 “!”’s)  I write this for myself as a reminder to not forget these valuable experiences.  And like anything else that I’ve done on my own for myself, it will end up coming from […]

Not Ready But Willing →  April 18, 2011

This is a post from the wonderful Kelly Diels.  Author of the great blog Cleavage.   We’re never really ready. I’m  not ready to apologize. I’m not ready for a relationship. I’m not ready for marriage. We’re not ready to have kids. I’m not ready to apply to that program/school/job/life. I’m not ready to face the […]

His Side →  April 14, 2011

    She looks into his eyes and time slows to a crawl His eyes try to avoid her gaze, his hands clench to a ball He knows the words that are coming all too well Their relationship was a class and she was ringing the bell It was his fault and he knew it […]

Let the Tears Fall →  April 6, 2011

You tired?  Me too.  Let the tears fall. You hurt?   Me too.  Let the tears fall. Reached your limit?  Me too.  Let the tears fall. Don’t trust men?  Well I don’t trust women.  Let the tears fall. You won’t go through it again?  Me either.  Let the tears fall. You want to be happy?  Me […]