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Where Were You When I Needed You? →  December 6, 2009

Where Were You When I Needed You? Where were you when I needed you? When my heart fell apart and I needed the glue When I stood cold and alone You didn’t answer your phone When nothing seemed to dull the pain I sat and I cried and sobbed your name I needed you bad, […]

Leave Her Alone →  March 25, 2009

Leave Her Alone “Just leave her alone” The thoughts run though my head again You have plenty reason and logic to make your stand All you have to do is just get up and walk thru that door And never come back, and you won’t have to feel like this anymore But as I make […]

Life Seasons →  March 18, 2009

Life Seasons Life happens like the cycles of seasons And things happen in it for many different reasons When you are young its summer and you have lots of fun But summers turns to fall and its all done For the summer was your youth were you learned and played away your days But you […]

Heartless →  February 8, 2009

He started off with such promise A gentleman who never broke a promise But like fresh snow, his heart was destined to be tainted Like a pure canvas destined to be painted The first was a girl he only wanted to rescue A damsel in distress, a love that twisted his heart eskew She needed […]