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Song Review:  Black History Month →  July 16, 2009

“Black History Month Death from Above 1979 ft. Final Fantasy Album: Romance Bloody Romance I must say, I love this band. They finished up NIN’s final tour accompanied by Queens of the Stone Age. They seem to combine musical elements of each of the said bands with a certain uniqueness. Death from Above 1979 involves […]

Song Review: Sky is Falling by Blackalicious →  July 7, 2009

“Sky is Falling” Blackalicious Album: Blazing Arrow An intelligent combination of classic hip-hop melodies and controversial sociopolitical lyrics, “Sky is Falling” was created by the one and only Blackalicious, who very much encompasses the “gift of gab”. The rest of the album also possesses characteristics of intellectual rap music while maintaining underground hip-hop and rap […]

Song Review: Shy Kind of Guy by Gogol Bordello →  June 24, 2009

“Shy Kind of Guy” Artist: Gogol Bordello From Album: Vio-la Intruder If you seek bizarre and intriguing, Gogol Bordello’s Gypsy Punk is the thing for you. The group consists of emigrants of Eastern Europe who presently reside in the Lower East Side of New York City who have taken their passion for creative genre and […]

Song Review: A Little More Time by Zox →  June 23, 2009

“A Little More Time” Artist: Zox From Album: The Wait A modern cover of the debut 1970’s Motown hit of Chairmen of the Board. Utilizing a number of distinct instruments to bring a significant character to the melody, Zox’s “A Little More Time” incorporates an Indie-rock charm with a chill effortless sound. Unique yet familiar, […]

Song Review: Parade of Punk, Rock T-Shirts by Maritime →  June 23, 2009

  “Parade of Punk, Rock T-Shirts” Artist: Maritime From Album: We, The Vehicles A cheery pep tune containing elements of Indie-Rock with harmonious overtones similar to those of the old Ben Folds Five. Perfect for anyone avoiding the mainstream in music but keeping with an upbeat genre and style.