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Temple to the Barrel (Part 3) →  October 7, 2009

Rays flicker through the smoke from the lightening as it crackles outside.  Again and again light illuminates the smoke-filled room as their eyes continue to lock in an unexpected stalemate.  Her with both hands on her gun pointed firmly at his forehead.  And him, with one hand on a shard of glass and the other […]

The Key to the Cage →  June 4, 2009

  First of all let me say that I love my job. Not because because of the cool stuff I do or because of the pay or even because of the flexibility of my how and when I work. All that stuff is great and for that I like my job. I LOVE my job […]

The Guardian Angel →  April 20, 2009

You don’t pick us and we don’t pick you, we are chosen for each other… Forget what you know of wings and halos, flying and magic.  We are normal people who choose to help in extraordinary ways.  We instinctively know where we are needed and go there without hesitation.  We don’t take credit for our […]

The Target is Just a Target →  January 16, 2009

He notices her noticing him as he refocuses in on his target.  His hand steadies as his finger inches closer to the trigger.   He knows that his job will be over in a few seconds so he engrosses himself in her while he can… There is but one rule in his line of work, […]