100 Facts About Me: Scorpio Edition

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100 Facts About Me:  Scorpio Edition

This is from one of my new favorite sites www.scorpioseason.com


This past week the trending topic on Twitter has been #100factsaboutme. Out of boredom, I decided to tweet some facts about myself that I knew my fellow Scorpios would relate too. I never thought I would actually make it to 100, but with the help of fellow Scorpios along the way… we FINALLY made it to 100 facts! I started on March 20th and finished March 24th


A lot of people asked me to post up the 100 facts that were tweeted and here they are. Much love to the Scorpios who helped me out!


1) I’m a #Scorpio (I know.. *gasp*)


2) Most people think I’m mean but if you get to know me, I’m actually a cool person


3) I am a difficult person to get to know though LOL #Scorpios are secretive


4) You’ll never really know what I’m thinking. I could be feeling you but you wouldn’t know it


5) If I go out of my way to talk to you (rare), I either care about you, or you got something I want rofl


6) Flirting does nothing for me. Confidence=turn on, as well as other lil simple things #imnottelling


7) I think about sex more than I care to admit


8 ) It may seem like I’m picky when it comes to love, but I’m really just weeding out all the dummies


9) I don’t trust anybody completely. Not even you… (sorry)


10) I am irritable. Don’t irritate me. Thanks LOL


11) Oh, I know how to push your buttons. It’s fun.


12) I usually get what I want. I’m kinda persuasive like that


13) I don’t let many people in, because they wouldn’t understand the depth of my thoughts


14) So I keep to myself, and smile at you silly, superficial azz people


15) I’m a people watcher. I see you!


16) I like to be left alone. I need my space. Always thinking.


17) You don’t want to see me mad. Yea. Don’t do it.


18) I’m independent. Don’t need anybody. But would love to love somebody


19) If I let you in you will see that I’m one of the most downest people you’d ever meet


20) I’m a serious person but I’m funny too, I’d do anything to make you laugh, even at my own expense


21) I’m an affectionate person. Not in public though. Unless I’m in *that* kinda mood


22) I feel 1000000000 times stronger than most. But I know how to keep it together


23) I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer >:)


24) I’m nocturnal


25) You probably don’t know about it, but I have HUGE goals in life


26) You’re all bark, no bite. I’M ALL BITE #Scorpio (Don’t talk about it BE about it)


27) I’m a great multitasker..at work, home, in the bedroom (keep that in mind *wink wink*)


28) 1 of the best ways to lose me quick is to try to make me say or do something I don’t want to do


29) When we’re talking, give me your undivided attention or leave me alone


30) I will give you all of me, and I want the same in return


31) 98% of you wouldn’t be able to handle me *shrugs*


32) Keep me happy and interested, and you’ll have a loyal partner for life


33) I won’t stick around if I’m not interested. I can’t be fake, sorry.


34) Hurt my family, I’ll hurt you.. one way or another


35) WARNING: I can be addicting. When I’m gone you will experience withdrawal symptoms


36) I need someone who will support my ambition, not get in the way


37) I could be your best friend or worst enemy. Choose wisely


38) When I love, I love HARD. That’s why I tend to love few. You have to be worth it


39) I could be difficult at times. I want to see you prove that you love me


40) I’m worth it. I promise <3


41) I don’t like being bothered with questions. If you bother me, I’ll ignore you (Thanks @firexbomb!)


42) Don’t play with me. I invented this game. (Thanks @abandaq!)


43) I like to get my way, but I like it even more when there is a challenge involved (Thanks @so_HollyHood!)


44) Never show what I feel, NEVER . (Thanks @mosquiito!)


45) (We want) Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love (Thanks @pUnKrOcKpRiNc3!)


46) When we are quiet, we aren’t being arrogant we are watching and thinking everything (Thanks @PattPerez!)


47) I can sometimes forgive, but I NEVER forget (Thanks @resemo!)




49) I love people, but I hate people (Thanks @ShadyRese!)


50) Darkness is a state of mind we know too well. (Thanks @FeuerkindJana!)


51) Don’t underestimate what I might know. I know everything about you! (Thanks @resemo!)


52) we have an extreme passion within us. One that you’ll probably mistake for what you think is love (Thanks @mista_drew!)


53) I don’t trust easy….so have patience…I will question you, deal with it… (Thanks @hbomb1119!)


54) I Never Let Some1 Play With My Feelings Wht So Ever! (Thanks @8one1!)


55) The only thing that can stop ME from anything I put my mind to, is ME! (Thanks @ChuckieObienu!)


56) I know I’m a bitch…thanks for the compliment. better a bitch than a doormat! (Thanks @hbomb1119!)


57) (Scorpios) likes to read people but never let anyone read their minds (Thanks @MirandaSuz!)


58) (Scorpios are) ready to have sex anywhere any time just give me a wink (Thanks @NYG804!)


59) Scorpios don’t Trust easily. It has 2B Earned (Thanks @TrgdyAnn!)


60) We’re so soft deep inside. Our outside shell betrays big time! (Thanks @nmazhar!)


61) Treat me good and I will treat you better, treat me bad and I will treat you worst (Thanks @rafacanedo!)


62) How about…I say what I want to say and I do what I want to do (Thanks @__Rad__!)


63) I don’t like being in emotional limbo. It’s all or nothing. (Thanks @pUnKrOcKpRiNc3!


64) If we fall down seven times, we’ll get up eight times. (Thanks @mayang_88!)


65) I am not going to stick around if I see you flirting with someone else


66) I can be completely into you but if you do something I really dislike, we’re done, YOU killed it


67) Once I see that other side of you, it will never be the same, I won’t forget


68) It takes a lot to hurt me but fck… when I do hurt, it hurts SO bad


69) I’m super quiet when I’m upset. Nothing you do or say will get me to smile or react. Leave me alone


70) When I love someone I make them the center of my world, I put them above all others


71) I don’t want to share you.


72) Don’t tell me what to do. If you do, I’ll most likely do the opposite


73) I’m stubborn. Once I’ve made up my mind there’s really nothing you could do. I’ll applaud your effort though


74) I’m not impressed when you brag about superficial things. Don’t throw yourself at me, it’s tacky


75) I don’t PLAY hard to get, I AM hard to get!


76) If I were to tell you what it takes to get me, I’d have to kill you


77) I like that subtle sex appeal and confidence. Nothing over the top. Don’t try too hard.


78) Lie to me and you’ll get the blank stare *_*


79) Sometimes I’ll pretend I don’t know something, to see if you’ll admit to it or bring it up


80) I’m not afraid of you, you, or YOU! Try me, I DARE you.


81) If I don’t know you or don’t like you, you don’t exist. Don’t flatter yourself thinking that you cross my mind


82) I could cut you out of my life in a split second if you cross me


83) Yea I’m a sexual person, it doesn’t mean that I’ll just sleep with ANYBODY though


84) It takes more than good looks to get me, I’m far from shallow


85) If I’m good to you, don’t take my kindness for weakness. That can change QUICKLY


86) My mood can change in the blink of an eye. Be ready?


87) It’s hard to capture my interest, and hard to keep my interest.. but once you have it, you have it all


88) Seducing… it comes natural to me


89) I know I’m driving you crazy when I *casually* touch you in public. I act innocent though


90) I’m more in control than you think I know exactly what I’m doing


91) I won’t profess my love by shouting it on a rooftop, I’ll show you it in other ways


92) I have a tight circle of friends. You’re either in or out. You’re either with me or against me


93) People always have some type of reaction [gasp/fear/interest] when I tell them I’m a #SCORPIO


94) I could be excited/sad/pissed inside but you’d never know it, unless I wanted you to know #calmexterior


95) I’m very intuitive. I can read you like a book so you can’t really surprise me #10stepsaheadofyou


96) I’m a loyal person, cheating is not an option. If I wasn’t happy with you, I’d be single!


97) I could get pretty ruthless when I’m mad :/ Nothing is off-limits


98) People usually comment on my eyes or the way I look at them “Don’t look at me like that!”


99) I’m intense, passionate, loyal, determined and intuitive


100) I can be intense, jealous & demanding but if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best