His Side

April 14th, 201111:57 pm @


His Side



She looks into his eyes and time slows to a crawl

His eyes try to avoid her gaze, his hands clench to a ball

He knows the words that are coming all too well

Their relationship was a class and she was ringing the bell

It was his fault and he knew it and there was nothing he could do

She had made up her mind about him and he knew she was through

His heart tensed up and prepared for the blow

His mind worked out an argument and got ready to go toe-to-toe

“I’m not happy” were her words and they tore him apart

He would have rather cholesterol than this attack on his heart

So true, absolute, and painfully pure

Her words were poison and there was no cure

Him doing something wrong he could deal with, fix and move on

But this picture was one he couldn’t have helped drawn

He learned long ago that your feelings are your own

But she expected to get happiness from somewhere away from home

She has associated him with her unhappiness and there was no separation

It was justified in her mind and it wasn’t open to interpretation

He knew this and didn’t argue or put up much of a fight

Being right wouldn’t change anything or make it alright

“Just let it go” his heart whispers softly to his head

He just frowns disappointed with what she said

His body starts to relax as he lets go of the tension he kept

He lets go of his guilt and he starts to accept

There was nothing he could have done to change the tide

They weren’t rowing in this boat together he was just going for a ride